For more details, Refer to the TERMS OF SERVICE (*) 

at the bottom of this page.

Please note that the Works With Nest (WWN) program has been terminated since 

August 31st, 2019

My EcoBee Bundle for SmartThings  (*)

(My Ecobee Devices (tstat  + remote sensors + switch) &

the ecobee Zoned Heating/cooling for ecobee Automations)

MyEcobee Device's documentation

MyEcobee Switch's documentation

Ecobee's zoning smartapp documentation

Complimentary Smartapps

available at the Github

link to github


My EcoBee Device for SmartThings (*)

(My Ecobee Device with remote sensors smartapp)

MyEcobee device's documentation


Complimentary Smartapps

available at the Github

link to github


My EcoBee Device for SmartThings (*)

(standalone  version for ecobee Lite or older  ecobee Tstat)

MyEcobee device'sdocumentation

Complimentary Smartapps

available at the Github

link to github


My Flair bundle for SmartThings (*)

Puck + Vent + HVAC Unit + Flair Tstat


 My Puck Device for SmartThings (*)

Standalone Puck device

MyFlairPuck's documentation

My Flair Vent Bundle (*) 

Vent + Puck Devices

MyFlairVent's documentation

My Flair HVAC Bundle (*)

HvacUnit + Puck Devices

MyFlairHVACUnit's documentation

My Automatic Device for SmartThings (*)

(includes the Service Manager)

MyAutomatic device's documentation

Complimentary Smartapps available at the Github

link to github

My Neurio Device for SmartThings (*)

(includes the Service Manager)

MyNeurio device's documentation

Zoned Heating/Cooling Solutions

for SmartThings(*)


(Works with Any ST Connected thermostat, temp/motion/contact sensors & smart vents)

ScheduleTstatZones's documentation




(Works with MyEcobee device, and

any ST connected temp/motion/contact

sensors & smart vents)

EcobeeSetZoneWithSchedule's documentation


(for vent settings only, works with any ST Connected  thermostat, temp/motion/contact sensors & smart vents)

ScheduleRoomTempControl's documentation

Specialized Smartapps

EcobeeRemoteSensorsInit (*)

EcobeeRemoteSensorInit's documentation

(prerequisite: standalone MyEcobee device; expose your ecobee's remote sensors to ST)

Monitor Your Automatic Connected Car (*)

MonitorAutomaticCar's documentation

(ex. your kids' driving) based on weather conditions)

(prerequisite: MyAutomatic device) 


Manage TV/Console Access for your kids

based on weather conditions(*)

MonitorTVConsoleSwitch's documentation

Monitor your Sump Pump

based on weather conditions(*)

MonitorSumpPump's documentation

Support for 6 months

Consulting Services

ST Automation

Technical Support for

My Devices & smartapps

Initial support contact after payment done

via paypal email address

please verify your spam/trash inboxes  if no response after 24 hrs

Support for 1 month

Support for 3 months


(*) Terms of Service 


(1) Downloaded files are zipped. WinZip or similar app required:


(2) Prices are subject to change

(3) The copyright code is for personal use & locations only. If you want to use the code for commercial purposes, please contact services@maisonsecomatiq.com as license fees may apply.

(4) Due to the nature of the goods (licensed source code), no refunds will be given.  Exchanges may be provided when justified.

(5) The code has been tested only under the SmartThings (groovy) platform, and the devices are dependent on third-party APIs (ecobee, Flair, Neurio, Automatic).  

(6) The thermostats and motion/temp/contact sensors supported by the zoned heating/cooling solutions need to implement the corresponding SmartThings' standard capabilities. (

(7) Your contribution allows you to up to 5 downloads (4 minor updates). You may also contribute to one of my suppport packages for more minor updates according to their duration. Otherwise, you may have "free minor updates" if you "like" or post positive comments about my solutions at the ST community forum under the related thread. After doing so, please send your ST handle via email to get the limited "free minor update" promotion.

(8) Use of the SmartThings classic mobile app is required:  all custom DTHs & smartapps above still are not totally compatible with the new Samsung Connect mobile app as ST is working on the required migration steps.

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